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  • What is the AMW Conference?

    AMW Conference explores all aspects of the music industry through a series of panel discussions, keynote speeches, talks, webinars and workshops.

  • How do I register for the Conference?

    You can register here:

  • What is included in my registration?

    With your registration you have free access to all the content of the Conference, priority to workshops registration, networking opportunities and the possibility to create your own personal AMW agenda!

  • Festival

    AMW Festival includes a conference, music showcases, live shows and parallel cultural activities in the center of Athens.

  • Showcase

    A short concert, lasting 20 minutes, by artists who want to introduce themselves to the public and present their work to the professionals of the music industry. It concerns new bands or recognized artists who want to present a new project.

  • Music & the City

    This section of AMW Festival includes conversations, educational activities, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, and cultural events which are organized by third parties in the center of Athens, to coincide with Athens Music Week.

  • Workshop

    A limited-seating training seminar which offers interactive participation and networking opportunities. It may be addressed to artists, students, amateurs, and/or professionals of the music industry.

  • Panel Discussion

    A discussion among a group of people with expertise in different fields, led by a moderator and open to the public.

  • Delegate

    The person attending the conference representing a company, an organization or himself/herself as a professional.

  • Pro Area

    By signing up to the AMW Pro Area, you get privileged access to “My Agenda”, which allows you to save the topics you want to watch, so you miss none of the fascinating content of AMW!

  • My Agenda

    The rich program of AMW covers a wide range of topics around the latest trends and developments in the music industry, with the contribution of distinguished industry experts and specialist speakers. Discover the content you are personally interested in amid the series of talks, discussion panels, seminars, workshops, and featured showcases from Greece and the world!

    By signing up to the AMW Pro Area, you get privileged access to “my agenda”, which allows you to save the topics you want to watch, so you miss none of the fascinating content of AMW!

  • Technopolis City of Athens

    Technopolis, housed within the historic former gasworks plant of Athens, is a unique industrial cultural multi-space, receiving more than 1,000,000 visitors per year.

  • How can I get in contact with the rest of the delegates/participants of AMW?

    By registering in the Pro-Area you are given the opportunity to get in touch with other participants of AMW through the specially designed dashboard of your member account!

  • Are there live shows planned for AMW 2021, or is everything online/virtual?

    Yes, there are. On June the 26th, if conditions will allow, a concert will be held on the main stage of the Technopolis City of Athens.

  • Are there any hidden costs in my Registration, or is it 100% free?

    Νο. It’s 100% free

  • Can I cancel my registration?

    To cancel your registration, contact us at and your personal Pro – Area will be terminated.

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